Robert Cowman EC-OG Engineering Director Theresa May

EC-OG Engineering Director meets Prime Minister Theresa May

Graceann Robertson 2017

Robert Cowman, Engineering Director, met with Prime Minister Theresa May on Saturday 29th April, on a visit to the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) in Aberdeen.

At the new research and development facility, Mrs May met with a panel of representatives from companies and universities in Aberdeen, depicting positive examples of the innovation which is now taking place in the Oil and Gas industry. Robert Cowman discussed the concept of the Subsea Power Hub and its ability to harness ocean currents to convert, store and deliver autonomous subsea electrical power.

The Prime Minister also met with the OGTC Chairman, Archie Kennedy, Chief Executive, Colette Cohen, and Conservative general election candidate, Ross Thomson MSP. The OGTC, which opened in February this year, aims to connect small technology companies with large Oil & Gas operators, funding small firms with pioneering ideas.

Colette Cohen said:

“We’re challenging how our industry works, reimagining the way we do things and using technology to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve recovery. At the same time, we also need a long-term vision, making sure that oil and gas are part of a balanced and integrated energy solution for the UK as we move to a lower carbon future. Technology has a vital role to play in this transition and we are working with the industry and academia to co-invest in technologies that will make this vision a reality.”

Robert Cowman said:

“It was a privilege to be able to share the innovation of the Subsea Power Hub with the Prime Minister and how its use could overcome the energy perspective within the UK both reinvigorating the large number of wells affected by electrical failure but also accessing small pool reserves. The UK has vast energy reserves, however technology is key to unlocking them.”