About us

We’re on a mission to make clean energy technology the norm.


Your challenges, our solutions

At EC-OG, we’re passionate about smart, sustainable, clean energy technology.

We’ve been leading the way and bringing value to our clients since 2013. With a track record of firsts, we consistently deliver world-class projects and services to the energy sector – reinventing the offshore system by decarbonising subsea operations, reducing carbon footprint, and maximising offshore efficiency.

We offer two main areas of technology: energy storage and remote power generation. With products already fully-funded, developed and market ready, our ground-breaking technology provides unlimited potential. And it’s not just those finished products you can make use of, we provide bespoke services to meet your demands – offering consultation too. So whatever you need, we can help.


April 2020: Investment from Par Equity
EC-OG receive a £1.6m investement from an investment consortium led by Par Equity.
April 2019: Successful system trials
Halo and Powerhub trials completed successfully.
February 2019: Halo launched
We launch Halo at the Subsea Expo.
April 2018: SCM power technology breakthrough
Work with SEA on first trials and breakthrough of EC-OG system with a subsea control module (SCM).
April 2018: EC-OG turn five
We celebrate turning five after half a decade of success and an ever-growing team.
Nov 2017: Demonstrator system recovered to shore
Single turbine demonstrator of Powerhub recovered after 230 days subsea, marking successful completion of offshore trials.
Sept 2017: Powerhub commercial launch
Official launch of Powerhub at Offshore Europe (OE17).
April 2017: Powerhub unit switched on
Single turbine demonstrator of Powerhub deployed at EMEC test site in Orkney, first offshore trials.
March 2016: Grant award and private investment
Large research and development grant awarded, plus private investment – totalling over £3m.
May 2015: SMART Scotland second grant award, part two
Accelerated life testing of Powerhub seawater lubricated drive train concept and environmental seal system. Successful completion of test programme.
Feb 2014: Scale testing of turbine design
Scale test programme of vertical axis turbine design indicates close correlation between test results and CFD analysis. Completed at Newcastle University as part of SMART Scotland project to assess feasibility of Powerhub concept

Our people define our success

The EC-OG team is one that strives to always outperform yesterday. Combining creativity and innovation to invent unique technology, we’re a team that continually delivers new solutions that are as ground-breaking as they are practical.

Our culture is one that encourages honesty and respect, while always challenging ourselves and each other. Our people work towards common goals, with a shared passion that leads to an environment where everyone can create their best work, be proud of the end results, and have fun during the process.

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for excellent customer service – which is why clients come to us repeatedly. All of our products and services go through a comprehensive quality management system, in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

  • Richard Knox
    Managing Director
  • Paul Slorach
    Business Development Director
  • Sharon McGinty
    Finance Director
  • Jonny Moroney
    Operations Director
  • Greg Carnie
    Engineering & Technology Manager
  • Robert Heron
    Project Manager
  • Bodhi Sarkar
    Senior Engineer
  • Jackie Carnie
    QHSE Lead
  • Colin Crighton
    Electrical and Electronics Engineer
  • Ross Mitchell
    Design Engineer
  • Ketuweni Tila
  • Graceann Robertson
    Marketing Manager
  • Ugne Fomkinaite
    Project Co-ordinator
  • Angus MacDonald
    Workshop Manager
  • Mike Jennings
    Senior Engineer
  • Jamie Booth
    Mechanical Engineer
  • Daniel Willoughby
    Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Xiangyin Meng
    Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Louise Ramsay
    Admin Assistant
  • Roy MacLean
    Project Engineer
  • Brian Timperley
    Senior Electronics & Software Engineer
  • Branislav Ivanovic
    Senior Project Engineer (Software)
  • Rory MacPherson
    Senior Electrical Engineer
  • Craig Middleton
    Workshop Technician
  • Mark Miller
    Electrical & Electronics Technical Authority

Our awards & accreditations

More proof that we do what we say, not just say what we do.