Case Studies

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Consultancy Case Studies

Manufacturing Support

EC-OG were asked to support an international client with overseeing manufacturing in the UK.

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Market Intelligence

We have been approached by several companies looking for market intelligence, current thinking and the direction that markets are taking.

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Mudline System Conversion

Following installation of an exploration mudline wellhead system, EC-OG was tasked with reviewing potential solutions to convert the system into a production well.

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A North Sea operator approached EC-OG to produce specifications for the purchase of new equipment in the North Sea.

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Bespoke Case Studies

Subsea Protection Structure

Following identification by the client that existing protection structure design was reaching the limits of the handling capability of a 3rd generation drilling rig, EC-OG was approached to complete a full redesign of the protection structure solution.

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Rapid Response Turnkey Design / Manufacture

EC-OG was tasked with designing a lubricator rigidiser and clamping arrangement for an operator who needed to use it urgently for an impending project offshore in the North Sea.

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In order for our client to install and work over their new/novel subsea vertical tree system, an ISO13628-7 compliant intervention package was required.

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