A North Sea operator approached EC-OG to produce specifications for the purchase of new equipment in the North Sea.

EC-OG was tasked with writing 4 specifications. These were for Xmas Trees, Wellheads, Materials and Project management. EC-OG performed a thorough review of the latest industry standards while observing trends within the arena. First drafts were then passed back to the client for review and the operator’s input. With round-table discussions the specifications were then finalised and readied for issue to the selected vendors.

The equipment specifications were aligned with ISO 13879 guidelines for the drafting of Functional Specifications. This allows the vendors to respond with Technical Specifications giving the client full foresight of the equipment they expect to be delivered.

EC-OG wrote the project management specification in line with ISO 21500:2012 (Guidance on Project Management). We then utilised our experience and that of the client and built an effective document to ensure all the deliverables of the project would materialise on time and on budget. The document asked for a great deal of project planning and evidence of completion. This is intended to ensure the vendors correctly resource their projects and report in real time.

With input from both the client and EC-OG a perfect balance of technical achievability, performance, and economics.