Energy Storage

Our design philosophy is simple: maximise product efficiency by reducing overhead and complexity.

We’re always finding innovative ways to reduce the energy overheads associated with remote power generation and lithium ion battery storage. Simplification of control and management systems using a combination of bespoke, in-house PCB design and trusted, high quality 3rd party components, is key. And our development team are always working on ways to improve system architecture and performance.

Future cell chemistries and formats have the potential to revolutionise the concept of subsea and offshore energy storage, with higher energy densities, far faster charge rates, vastly reduced cell degradation and increased cycle life. We’re striving to be at the forefront of the adoption of these technologies, continuing to offer maximum value to our clients.

While we specialise in battery-based energy storage, we’re always exploring alternative energy storage techniques and systems. These can be used and adapted to help our customers realise maximum potential from their assets. Across our teams, we have the expert knowledge and skills to develop, manufacture and integrate these applications – and to provide you with valuable advice.

As well as our own efforts, we continue to develop relationships with industrial and academic partners at the cutting-edge of energy storage technology, giving us access to some of the most ground-breaking technologies on the market today.