Consultancy services

Subsea Intervention and Production Equipment Consultants

Imagine having the expertise of the 1st tier equipment suppliers with the impartiality of an independently owned consultancy. At EC-OG, we can provide exactly that service with our team of highly skilled engineers, all having up to date experience from working on the latest pieces of technology. We ensure that we are working to the latest industry standards and always following market changes within the sector.

FEED Support

EC-OG can provide equipment expertise at the FEED and tender stage of contracts, with a deep understanding of equipment operation and performance. The detail required at the early project stages can be fundamental in choosing the correct equipment to the application. We want to ensure the equipment is specified for your project needs and not a copy of the last time.


EC-OG can also oversee the procurement and implementation phase of projects, bringing technical insight which can only be gained by being familiar with the equipment design, build, test and qualification processes. We are aware of the hurdles and pitfalls commonly found on the project delivery path, bringing in improvements in delivery and associated cost savings.

IP Development

EC-OG is willing to undertake development of IP without claim to any of the existing IP or future IP generated during the project. EC-OG can offer these skills to bring your idea to reality. Let EC-OG take care of with your IP and bring it to market as quickly as possible.


  • System Appraisal
  • Specification Writing
  • Manufacturing Expediting
  • Critical Test Witness
  • Risk Assessment
  • Procedural Reviews
  • Code and Standards Alignment
  • Structured R&D


  • Xmas Trees
  • Knowledge of composites
  • EDP/LRP packages
  • Riser Systems
  • Wellheads
  • Subsea Structures
  • Seabed Interfaces
  • Well Isolation
  • Subsea Sampling
  • Well Intervention
  • Electrical controls and software development
  • Bespoke Product Development
  • Failure Investigation
  • Industry Standards, guidance and regulation