Reliable and cost effective subsea power is one of the largest strangleholds in the subsea sector today. The Subsea Power Hub allows you to manage costs and work with efficient and reliable equipment. The Subsea Power Hub allows you to convert, store and deliver autonomous electrical power where you need it most.

Subsea Power Hub

The Subsea Power Hub is a ground-breaking turbine system which harnesses the energy within ocean currents to produce autonomous electrical power for multiple applications. This new technology, patented by EC-OG, provides autonomous power to subsea infrastructure, reducing cost through efficient installation and removing the capital expenditure associated with electrical cables.

The Subsea Power Hub is a delta array of turbines or Ocean Generation modules. In simple terms, each module is an underwater battery unit with integral charger. Each module consists of a turbine, generator, battery pack and electrical conditioning system.


There are a number of benefits with the use of the Subsea Power Hub including:

  • Guaranteed localised power thanks to integrated intelligent energy storage system
  • Reduced vessel time/cost through simple installation
  • Flexibility in location – overtrawlable and low cut in speed
  • Reduction in mobilisation costs as the system is road transportable
  • Easy maintenance with retrievable cartridges
  • Reduced failure risk with on demand health monitoring system

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