Energy storage

The subsea energy storage systems we’re developing can help solve many subsea challenges, by providing:

  • Temporary power source for brownfield infrastructure suffering from electrical supply problems.
  • Peak power delivery and load levelling for integration of renewable energy sources, powering offshore assets as part of a clean energy system – ideal for long-distance tie-backs and field extensions.
  • Rechargeable energy system for powering other subsea equipment, like resident vehicles.

Efficient technology

To create a dependable energy storage system for subsea, we provide as much stored energy as possible to aid the asset we’re powering. Halo, Powerhub and Charge are all built using rechargeable lithium ion technology. These battery cells offer superior energy density – vital for offshore and subsea operations where space can be at a premium and weight can have huge impacts on project economics.

Safety and reliability

Our bespoke, high efficiency electronics ensure minimal losses. We maximise the operating window of the systems we’re powering, providing complete safety and reliability throughout the product life cycle.