Remote power generation

Through innovation within remote power generation, we can bring you real, tangible value. We’re seeking new ways to generate power at remote locations offshore. And with our extensive background in offshore and subsea engineering, we understand the nuances and challenges for designing, operating and installing equipment in the harsh offshore environment.

Powerhub’s role

Powerhub harnesses the energy of passing ocean currents or tides to generate clean power at a remote subsea location. It’s perfect for quickly restoring power to brownfield well sites suffering from electrical supply problems.

Using our fully scalable vertical axis turbine system, it’s adaptable for low power applications through efficiency in the drive train and electronics design. That means the turbine is capable of generating meaningful power at flow speeds as low as 0.2m/s.

Ultimate durability

In the subsea environment, longevity is key. That’s why we place so much importance on material selection for durability and corrosion resistance, while maintaining minimal friction in dynamic components. These fundamentals aren’t just the case for our turbine system, but for any remote power generation system that’s built to work with moving parts for long periods of time with little to no maintenance.

Improve and adapt

We’re always striving to improve our technology and adapt for future markets and applications. We’ll continue to make our energy conversion systems the best they can be, developing new technology for both the oil and gas market and other applications, like off-grid or micro-grid power generation and more specialist systems like subsea IoT or remote environmental monitoring.